Paint Inspection

We can assist Shipyards and Owners during new build and refit periods.

We can provide inspection during surface preparation and application of paint systems on the exteriors and interiors of your superyacht.

We have years of experience with paint applications and inspections on superyachts of one of the most leading shipyards in the industry.

We can provide specialized inspections and independent advice for your paint jobs on your superyacht.

Inspections such as:
* Steel dressing according to ISO 8501-3
* Surface Preparation of steel, stainless steel and aluminum:
– Bresle test
– Cleanliness grade of blasting work according to SA grade, with surface roughness comparator and Testex replica tape.

* Paint and filler application inspections such as:
– Visual assessment
– Dft readings
– Shore D readings
– Gloss readings
– Final assessment.

All inspections are accurately documented by our inspectors.

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